21. Heading to Glacier via Bozeman, Montana.

Days: 66-68

Our next major stop after Yellowstone was scheduled to be Glacier National Park but we decided to stop for a few nights en route in a small town called Bozeman. The fact of the matter is that Ed had heard that there is excellent fly fishing on offer in Montana and Bozeman is at the centre of it. He wanted to go fly fishing!

In Yellowstone we had seen briefly seen the back of a grizzly bear, in the distance, from the road. On the way to Bozeman we were passing the Grizzly Bear Rescue Centre so we stopped in.

The stories of the cruelty some of these poor bears endured is unbelievable.  None of them now have the required skills to enable them to be released into the wild. So they now live in the Rescue Centre. They do seem to be incredibly well treated, loved and happy at this small sanctuary. The big boy, Brutus, is a bit of a celebrity – he’s been in various movies – if you see a Grizzly in a film it’s very likely to be him!





We were very impressed with what a cute little town Bozeman is. This University town is amazingly clean, has an attractive main street, a selection of truly excellent restaurants (it’s fast becoming a gastro hub) and almost a dozen micro breweries and distilleries. (And by co incidence, just last weekI saw a Thrillist.com article detailing the best small towns in every state. Bozeman was their pick for Montana!)

The Montana landscapes around Bozeman were beautiful – rolling green hills. And I loved the absolutely stunning cloud formations in the ‘big sky’.



Ed fell in love with the place. He thinks that it would be the perfect retirement destination. He was fantasising about hunting and fishing 360 days a year. As far as I am concerned this is obviously an utterly ridiculous idea – there is snow on the ground in Bozeman for 8 months of the year! Yes, apparently there is skiing but the hills are small! I have told Ed he’d be welcome to retire to Bozeman, but he’d be on his own!

So Izzy and I had a girls day – shopping and the movies (“The Book of Henry” – what an emotional roller coaster that was!) while Ed and JJ went fly fishing….


What Ed says: Indeed, what Justine states is true! JJ and I took the time to spend a day on the Lower Maddison a beautiful trout river. We hired a guide and did a float trip. JJ learnt how to fly fish and we both got some great bites but did not manage to land any!! Regardless of this it was a fabulous day.



One of the things that struck me about Bozeman was how wonderfully clean it is and yes. if you like hunting and fishing, nice restaurants and a selection of craft brewers then it’s a wonderful place…..who cares if they have snow 8 months of the year?!

Next Destination: Glacier National Park, Montana

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