25. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Days: 81-85

We set off from sunny Victoria for the 4+ hour drive to Tofino, on the west coast of the island. The navigation was not going to be difficult – there is only one road!


We had heard it would be a good idea to stop en route at The Old Country Market in Coombs. So we did. What a bizarre shop…it has grown from a small road side shack into a massive store which not only has goats who live on the roof….


IMG_7427but sells the most bizarre array of goods….including Mexican wrestling masks!



We got away from The Old Country Market relatively unscathed and continued the drive to Tofino. It’s a very cute, upmarket, seaside village where fishermen, surfer dudes and tourists mingle happily while drinking barista coffee. We were delighted with the view from our little apartment.



Relaxing is the order of the day in Tofino…so thats what we did…a coastal walk…





IMG_7546 Beachtime…IMG_7538






and the obligatory oyster happy Hour!


But in among the relaxing fishing obviously had to feature!

We chartered a boat and captain and set off in search of Salmon!


We were in luck.





We caught 4 – two small and two big ones – we kept the big boys – delicious!

From the boat we also saw some fabulous wildlife. A Bald eagle flew by…


The black bears are prevalent in the area and come down to the shore at low tide. They check under rocks for crabs. We were lucky enough to see two – but they took cover as soon as they spotted us!


And on the way home we passed by a Humpback…


What Ed Says: Tofino is a bit of a ‘hippy hang out’ but exploring that coastline is fabulous and, for me, it was all about the salmon and bears. You can avoid the drive to Tofino and fly in via sea plane which seemed a very popular way to arrive – judging by the number of sea planes that were buzzing past at regular intervals!
Fishing for salmon is always fun and they make it sporting as you are not allowed to use barbed hooks. This means landing them is not as easy as it sounds. That said we had more enough to take home and satisfy the veggie in the family!
One thing we did see in Tofino was a truck that I want to use the next time we do a long road trip! Not sure Justine is on board with the idea but it would be fabulous…..the Unimog….pictured below.

unimogGerman engineering, 4×4 and virtually bomb proof. Justine gets a comfortable bed and heating as well a loo and a shower…..what more could she ask for….?


Next Destination: Whistler, Canada

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