19. Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Days 58-62

We didn’t have a campsite reserved at Grand Tetons – all the ones you can book had been reserved months before we even decided to do this trip. We were hoping for a ‘walk in’ site – where you just arrive and hope there is space. We left Jackson Hole as early as we could and headed to the campsite at Colter Bay as it sounded like it was in a good location and we thought with 300 sites we would have a good chance of getting one.

It was a stunning drive…


We arrived at noon and were in luck – we were allocated a site. It was a brilliantly designed campground – even though it accommodated so many campers there were so many trees that we felt quite private and secluded.

We were absolutely blown away by the beauty of the scenery at Colter Bay.



Ed and JJ got up early and rented a little speed boat to go fishing. Izzy and I followed at a far more reasonable hour and rented a kayak.


As we were paddling out we met Ed and JJ motoring back in. (best not to ask about how many fish they’d caught…!)




We did a boat to boat transfer – Izzy and Jj swapped places – and then JJ and I paddled and Ed and Izzy drove back to shore.



We all agreed using the motor was far more fun than the paddling (my shoulder is still sore from my fall back in San Diego). so we handed back the kayak, grabbed a picnic and motored back out to enjoy the views from the water together.




One particular stretch along the lake front was closed to hikers due to bear activity – so we were hoping to see them from the water. We were however not in luck…

We spent the next day exploring Jenny Lake. We hiked 3 miles around the lake, took in a waterfall and then enjoyed a scenic boat ride back.






Our campsite was lakeside offered some wonderful sundowner spots!



Our next destination was Yellowstone, only about 40 minutes up the road from where we were. So we decided we had time for a final walk in Grand Tetons before getting in the car.


But we did have to be very Bear Aware!


Ed and JJ showed us excellent ballet skills at Swan Lake.


We all loved the Grand Tetons – amazing scenery, great hiking and fun splashing about on the water!

What Ed says: The Tetons have long been on my bucket list as a place to visit and although not a large national park they are truly stunning and iconic. I would have loved to do more of the trails into the mountains themselves but with the amount of snow still on the ground that was not an option.
We are now on the part of the trip where trout fishing really comes into its own with some of the best fishing in the US. For the record: we did not catch anything on Lake Jackson. However, both JJ and I were successful when we ventured just below the Lake Jackson Dam where I caught 2 lake trout and JJ caught a Chub. So pride was restored!



It appears that it’s a bumper year for bear activity with sections of the park (relatively close to the campsite) being closed off to the public. Apparently some grizzlies had killed an elk and were dining. The rangers were very adamant that everyone should have bear spray with them at all times and that small children should walk in the middle of the group…….suddenly we had immaculately behaved children…….

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